How to Remove Headphone Symbol in Redmi devices (Tricks and Methods)

Here I will tell some tips and method to remove symbol in mobile

Techniques which help to remove headphone symbol problem in devices

Why headphone symbol comes on your redmi device

A blog article about how to remove the headphone symbol from your Xiaomi Redmi smartphone. This article will help you learn how to remove the headphone symbol from your device

If you’ve noticed, a headphone symbol will appear in your device whether or not your headphones are plugged in.

Many of us are familiar with the headphone symbol that appears on our devices when there is no audio being played through the headphones.

There are all sorts of different reasons why headphones might appear on a device, but it comes down to one thing: a headphone symbol.

This article will attempt to answer some common solutions about how to remove this symbol for your device

Techniques to Remove the Headphone Symbol from your redmi device

There are many techniques to remove headphone symbol from your redmi device, but we talk some of them which definitely help you to resolve this issue

Method 1 : Clean it

First, you should try to clean the jack of your headphones by earbud stick, because sometimes some dust in the jack can show that you have a device connected to it.

Note :Your device should be turned off before performing this method

Method to remove headphone symbol by earbuds

Method 2 : Change some settings in mobile

If the first technique does not work for you then try this process by changing settings.

First Step : Go to settings in your device.

Second Step : Then go to Additional settings.

Third Step :  Now click on Headphone and audio effects option in additional settings.

Fourth Step : Insert a headphone jack into your device, then select any option from the headphone type which is not been selected previously, and then remove the earphone device.

If the symbol is removed then this means that it has been solved. Otherwise, repeat this process by selecting another earphone type and removing the headphone.

Technique to remove the headphone symbol by changing settings

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Method 3: Restart your device to fix the issue

Restarting your device sometimes helps to fix mobile devices issues.

Re-boot your device, and then make sure the headphone symbol is gone or not. If it isn’t gone then proceed to the next final method.

Final Method to remove Headphone symbol

By trying this method, you will definitely solve your headphone symbol problem in your redmi device.

In this technique, you have to factory reset your phone, and before doing this you have to create a backup of the data on your mobile device so that you don’t lose any data.

To do this process please follow the below steps:

Step 1: go the settings.

second Step 2: Now go to additional settings.

Step 3: Then go to the backup and reset 

Step 4 : And at last click to the reset phone option to reset your device

If none of the methods work for you, this is just one of the options which will definitely work for you.

Method to remove headphone symbol from your redmi device

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